The Kindlers

What will kindle the Spirit in Your Meeting?


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The Kindlers are an experimental group working to rekindle the power of Quaker worship by renewing and deepening our spiritual practices.


Workshops are held on-the-road at local meetings throughout Britain Yearly Meeting, and in 2019, there is also a series in Liverpool at  the Friends Meeting House from January to April.   Information about the Liverpool series can be found on the other kindler events page.

Outcomes of the work are published in accessible booklets for personal use and study groups at the attractive price of £3 per copy.


Kindlers are supported by donations and grants.

For all enquiries, please email administrator:   [email protected]

telephone:  01904 330977

Other websites that offer courses and information about Quakers include


Monday 9th September 2019 at Glenthorne Quaker Centre, Easedale Rd, Grasmere LA22 9QH

at 8.15pm. All Welcome.  For a copy of the annual report, email our administrator on

[email protected]