The Kindlers

What will kindle the Spirit in Your Meeting?


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the kindlers on the road


Kindlers on the Road 2020 & 2021 - A choice of Saturday workshops which can be delivered in all areas in the UK


Listening to others, to ourselves and to God. Finding the light in ourselves and the world in a spirit of love and attention.

Living Adventurously

A day exploring living adventurously within the framework of the Quaker testimonies 

What does Love Require of Us?

How does love require us to use our gifts to heal the world and let our lives truly speak?

Finding Our Own Silence

A day of contemplation and conversation exploring what helps and hinders our experience of silent worship.

Vocal Ministry

What is the place of vocal ministry in Meeting for Worship, and how can useful and inspiring ministry be encouraged?

Answering that of God

An invitation to experience the power of awareness of the Divine in everyone.

Revitalising Your Meeting

What elements and practices are essential in creating vibrant, supportive communities in our Quaker Meetings, and 

what are the strengths and gifts of your own meeting, which can bring it most fully to life?

Walking Cheerfully Over the World

How can we 'walk cheerfully'  as George Fox put it, and why is this still important today?

A Day of Silence

A day of rest and reflection, and an opportunity to open up a new relationship with silence.


What is prayer and how can we experience its variety, richness and depth?

Deepening Worship

A day devoted to exploring the simple, radical and contemporary practice of Quaker worship

The Roots of Truth

Discovering and sharing truth, questioning and maintaining integrity. A workshop that examines, challenges and encourages.

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Kindlers Admin:   David Brown, 23 Colbourne Close, Bransgore, CHRISTCHURCH BH23 8BW

Tel: 01425 673564

Website : 

Cost: £250  or by donation in the case of zoom meetings

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For all enquiries, please email administrator:  [email protected]